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Welcome to Blanchfield Livestock Online Store!

We are honored to be representatives of these outstanding products for the Equine Industry.   We not only promote and sell these products, we use them!  We use all of the products that we recommend, from Draw It Out Liniment (great for people and horses alike), to Flair Equine Nasal Strips and The Natural Feeder.

If you compete, you know how important it is to keep your equine athlete in top condition and pain-free! We feel we offer the products to do just that.  

Let us help you in keeping your horse fed how nature intended for your horses to eat with the Natural Feeder. Slow feeding at its best!  

Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment is a revolutionary product. Designed to quickly alleviate swelling and soreness by utilizing all natural minerals. No Carriers. No Chemicals. No Color. No Odor. No Mess. Just Results. 

Be sure to check out our About Page for more information about these products and our Testimonials page for other's stories.





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